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Ah so the Last human and serenity are linked in more then just name, thats good to know ill have to play this one too


Happy New Year, N2TheFire! ๐Ÿฅณ

This was a crazy year and I didnt comment a lot, I didnt even tryed to play Second Chapter of Serenity or your new game The Last Human, since I didnt had time at all with everything going on. But I promise that I will find time in the new year! Thank you for all your hardworking! ๐Ÿ™‚

What got added in this latest update?

Episode 2 got added.


I loved that Lili got content in Serenity. I was very sad that she just left the OO crew.


Stay tuned for episode 2 of Serenity C2 then... She's getting plenty of attention :)

What game is Melody from?

She is from 'Melody' :D

Check it out here: MrDots Games on
Or here: Melody v0.0.8 for $5 patrons by mrdotsgames (

Thank you.

Will there be an android release 

i just finished the first one and loved it

There is already an android version, just check the downloads page. This next update will add to the android version.

Hey N2TheFire, Is it difficult for you to switch between mindsets when you go from writing Serenity, to writing Last Human and then back to Serenity again?

Not as bad as I thought it would be actually. I just go ahead and replay my own game to help get myself back "into that world" if you know what I mean. But I did worry that would be an issue when I decided to do 2 games.

Is Camilla going to be getting any scenes? She is probably one of my favorites even if she hasn't had an extreme amount of time.

Sorry for the late reply to this. Cammie will get her own very short game sometime next year, so hang in there. I don't do incest, period. So a separate game is the best way I can give people some good lewd content with her - besides the fact that I have a pretty good idea for how to proceed on that

Do i also need to download this if already downloaded 1.4? also do i need to do anything specific with persistent (unlock full gallery) or all i did was unzip them in to the main serenity folder. not looking to take up any of your time explaining this to somewhat of a newb, maybe you could point me to a webpage with instructions or something? 


The game you're replying on (Serenity Chapter 2) is a separate game from Serenity. So yes you would need to download Serenity Chapter 2 if you don't have it. It is not part of Serenity 1.4 (<<< That is the first chapter of the game and a separate download). You do not need the 'persistent' file unless you reached the end of Serenity 1.4 and still didn't have all of the gallery unlocked.

๐Ÿ‘ awesome! Thanks for the clarification and quick response.


Just finished playing ep1 and goddammit, I wanted so much more! A heartwarming, "welcome back" kind of experience. For this first release I was able to experience the game in it's full quality and holy shit, was ch1 this pretty? If it was, ch2 raised the stakes. I might replay ch1 on my laptop while waiting for ep2, almost sure of that!

And what a chachacha real smooth move on your part huh, N2? Melody saying that the MC of Serenity and her music tutor have the same name. I really liked it, it reminded me of something in one of the scenes with Jas in ch1. The MC has a brief inner monologue about "other realities/dreams" (by that I imagine he referred to other games, like Sylphine, etc.) so... is this a way of connecting all of the "dreams"? Whatever you intended with this one line, it was cool, and it pretty much removed the whole "multiverse cucking" element I joked about in my review of the last episode of ch1 XD

Now I'm divided between wanting to play Last Human and wanting to see ep2 of Serenity, damn you! Anyways, I'd say that ch2 is a complete success. I really felt the much needed slow down on the pace, while still feeling that positive energy and an improvement on the funny bits like the "titty party", I mean was I supposed to laugh? I kind of did, more than I probably should! XD

You keep up the amazing work and stay healthy, N2. Eager for a lot more of this AND for Last Human. 

I don't really like Kat's new look that much. But Morgan's new look is great. Also u kinda forgot about jasmine in the 1st episode.  

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i just downloaded an played kinda confused it said episode 2 but started back at the begining is that supposed to do that or is there just episode 1 right now


Where did you see "Episode 2"??? 
This is "Chapter 2" - Episode 1. This is the first release of this chapter of Serenity.

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after i finished the first one i clicked start it said episode 2 fire, only did it the first time when i went back an tried again it didnt do the same thing 

I have no idea where you saw that. I haven't typed the words "Episode 2" anywhere in either game yet. But, Episode 2 will be the next one to be released.

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must have been wishful thinking lol cant wait awesome game so far 

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but so cant wait for the next one now hopefully its a little longer 

hey not sure if it was intentional but the subscribstar link goes to your patreon instead of where its supposed to go. though id give you a heads up about that

Definitely not intentional! Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it.

Wow, how long did it take to do the dance scenes?


ugh... too long. Or longer than it should have I should say. :D

But they're totally worth it!