Serenity Chapter 2 is here!

Finally, episode 1 is now public and ready for you to enjoy!

For the next 2 1/2 months, I'll be working on the first episode of my new story: Last Human - a sci-fi in the vein of Star Trek with a sexy all-Neko crew and an original story that should be a lot of fun. Once we have the first release of Last Human out, I'll work on Episode 2 of Serenity C2, then back to Last Human, and so on. A bit longer between updates but I think well worth it. Two different stories, one focused almost entirely on sex (Serenity) and the other on sci-fi but with sexy fun also. So, you know the drill... hit that download. And if you haven't played Serenity Chapter 1 <<< check it out first!

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May 11, 2022
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May 11, 2022

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Фантастическая работа! Вечеринка проработана на ура) Красиво и эффектно) Мелоди немного на себя не похожа, а в остальном все супер, от музыки до контента! С нетерпением ждем продолжения))

Just to be sure, N2: is it just "plug and play" or do I need my most recent save backed into ch2 before starting?

Chapter 2 is a separate build and does not rely on any saves from Chapter 1. Just unzip it and play it :)


solid work schedule, this way you wont get tired of on of them since it allows for a bit of change.   

 and we get both just a little bit slower. :)

keep up the good work.

dang could have taken it to the next night or 2 mornings after the beach party was so looking forward to the date the next night after the beach party :(

If I was doing only this full time? Hell yeah... I wish I could do double the content but I think you would rather have updates sooner than every 6 months. I still have to work my regular full time job to pay my bills. Glad you enjoyed it :)

i understand i just hate cliff hangers like that so damn much