​Serenity (C2-E2) Devlog 9 (Patrons)

Hello everyone!

I've finally gotten to a nice pace and workflow. Working in tandem with my full-time job and this has had some challenges, but I think I am getting better at dealing with that. As a result, I've made quite a lot of progress.

As everyone who follows Serenity knows, Morgan was written into the Serenity world by Karen (Mom). The real Morgana is now there as well. In this episode, you'll be spending some time with her and learn that a strange phenomenon takes place whenever you touch each other. The fade seems intent on the two of you 'getting together', so this should be fun!

As mentioned previously, Camilla will begin her journey as a full dream writer. We'll see the ritual that takes place kicking that off. Because of so many messages and comments wishing for direct lewd content with her, I'll be doing a short AVN focused only on Cammie in her world, and I have some really cool ideas for that. However, I won't begin that until sometime next year. So that's at least something cool to look forward to.

Of course, there is also the new arena that MC created so the girls can practice their powerful abilities, have matches with each other and with Marissa (who as you should know from episode 1, was brought back by MC). She'll face Rin first. Rin needs to deal with her anger issues and get control of it. Marissa will push her buttons. The scene came out better than I'd hoped, I can't wait for you to see it!

Jasmine hasn't had a lot of attention. She's been busy researching fade history. You'll spend some time with her checking out an ancient dream world, written by the first dream writer and learn how the fade, shade, and the white flame came to be. In the process, you'll meet a new character also. This character was written into my original draft of the story, but I had removed her. After giving it some thought, I decided it works better with her in it. You'll see why when you meet her. Yes, she's a hottie. ;)

As for the status of the update, I am around 70% done with render work. I already have about 650 images completed and 6 animations. I have several more animations to do. Depending on how things go, we're looking at beta within the next 2 weeks (hopefully). That's still much later than I had wanted to have it done. Nothing I can do but press on and work on it when I can - so that's what I'll do. Sorry you guys have to wait so long, but better quality takes a lot longer than when I used to breeze through these things in the past. I'll never work like that again because it looks a lot better this way.

Anyway, that's all I have for you this round. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, love you all, ...Fire

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I've actually been thinking about this exact point of the lore: how all three sources of magic came to be. I imagined some Big Bang-esque event in which whatever form of chaotic magic that existed was broken down into three components, the ones we know today as two sources of magic that are entirely opposite to each other and a third component that, from what I understand, can give control over both...? Because with the sometimes (by that I mean often) clunky plot points of Ch1, it was never really specified what the white flame can and can't do. Sometimes people would tell us that it can do anything and sometimes they'd tells us that it has several limitations. 

To this day, after playing through Ch1 three times, I still don't understand if the MC is or is not the ruler over both Fade and Shade. By that I mean if he could learn to control shade magic if he wanted to, something that would be extremely useful in avoiding what Cammie and Mia did to him. One because he'd have more control over his feelings and therefore more resistance to the shade, and two because he'd be able to see someone setting a trap like Mia's from eons away just by feeling that very familar magic. Or, worst case scenario, would be more than capable to break himself out of said trap using shade magic. All in all I do hope that Fade and Shade themselves get some time in the update so we can learn even more about the magic and about them as well, 'cause I also wanna know what they truly are. Just angels? Goddesses that are the very sources of magic personified? Something deeper? And just how sexy can Shade's english accent possibly be? 

Wait a minute, ignore that last one-

Haha, I think I get what you're asking. Without spoiling too much...

As things currently stand, MC knows a little shade magic. Very little. He is still out of balance. At our currently released point in the story, MC is the carrier of the white flame. The white flame is where fade magic comes from. With that logic, shade magic must come from somewhere, yes? That is explored in this next episode that I'm nearly finished with. Plus, we'll learn just where it all began. Fade (the character) and Shade are 'products' of their related magic. Goddesses (Fade Goddess, Shade Goddess). Fade magic is more focused on love, while shade magic is more focused on lust. But both are fed by sexual energy, and... something else I don't want to spoil yet.

MC (the 'King') rules over all of the dream world universe, fade and shade. Even though he is mostly out of balance (mostly fade magic) he has absorbed the white flame (when he saves his mom, then sees her again - and he gets hit with all the lightning and shit). From that point on, he became ruler of all of it. Even though he hasn't mastered shade magic, the Shade Goddess is still one of his subjects.

Anyway, yes I wasn't good with the plot on some of the earlier part of the story. But it sounds like you pretty much got the gist of it.

Now that I think about it, I do remember Karen refering to him  as "ruler of the void" at one point (can't remember if it was before or after she is actually written in Serenity in her true self, but Ido remember this one piece of dialogue). So it was kind of specified, you just have to be damn attentive to dialogue itself and connect dots every now and again. 

Soooo if I had to guess... (and I have to, for now) I'd say shade magic was probably never really linked to evil and/or negative things, at least not until dark writting began. Because Shade herself isn't evil and never was, she doesn't want to plot against the king or anything, she just wants balance. And since shade magic is ALSO focused on lust (I previously thought it was purely focused on negative feelings and thoughts), I imagine that it's origin also isn't necessarily linked to any form of "primal evil". But I can't quite imagine what it would take to create the opposite form of magic to fade, which by itself originates from something even more mysterious and could very well be involved. 


hoho~, looks like we're in for a treat, also morgan and morgana tandem is a big G for me. and given how I'm seeing the girls you're developing is good as an A5 wagyu steak, the next girl will be FIRE I know it.

I'm very excited what you're going to do in this chapter and in the following (knowing that it will be amazing as always), as for Carmilla's adventure~, I'm not surprised that she's getting her own AVN since she's a character worth developing and writing a new story just for her (I really love her character sprite).

🔥Souchouin Out.🔥


I am so looking forward to the next episode! One the best visual novels I have experienced.