Serenity Chapter 1 Announcement

There is a scene in Chapter 1 that contains questionable (rapey) content (around Day 5 iirc). This scene is on my list of things I want to remove and rewrite. I've received a few complaints (mostly like a year or more ago) but last night, someone commented about it on the Serenity Chapter 1 itch page. I have temporarily disabled the downloads on that page. The last thing I ever want to do is make someone unhappy with my stories. Obviously, rewriting that scene would take a bit of time because not only do I need to edit the dialog, but I'll also need to write new content to replace it and that means new renders also. I have plans to set aside a month or so to do the rewrites and new graphics, but realistically, I can't do it right now.

So, for now... I will edit that section of the game adding a choice just before the event happens, warning that the content is questionable and may offend some people, and offering the option to skip it - adding a short dialog after skipping.

I do apologize to anyone who was offended by that scene... it was honestly meant to be more 'light-hearted' than serious. At the time when I was writing that scene, I had not considered that some might be more sensitive to that content than others. Anyway, I'll make that change this week, and update download links (on all sites).

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Glad  I saved my old download of Serenity. The story was incredible and perfect the way it was. I don't really care to see how the changes are going to mess up the story.


OMG... that message is too long. I'm sorry but it was really nice to get that off my chest. This is an issue that I don't really get the chance to talk about because of the negative reactions that I usually get.

I just want to add  THANK YOU DEV!

This is a touchy subject and I really appreciate you taking the time to address it. We all want to have naughty fun on here but some peoples naughty fun is other peoples worst memories.

Just remember, the BEGINNING of the scene is what sets the tone. Like for playful BDSM scenes just start it with the MC thinking  "Woah dude she's hot! I hope she goes for my junk" or whatever. That way the player knows that the MC wants it. Because if the MC freaks out, we freak out.

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I just made this account to comment here.

I see that most of the people here don't see the point of having a warning because there are so few complaints. But that is because sexual assault victims rarely complain. We get bullied if we do.

On the rare occasion that I mention my experience, I get told that "that's hot" or "stop being a little whiner baby, it's just sex".  Well that's the only sex I have ever had. I've tried since then but I get panic attacks and it just doesn't work.

I still get horny though. I watch anime and play adult games to feel some of the emotional side of sexuality and I have toys that help with the physical. 

A lot of games on here have rape. I skip those. Some have lesser rapey stuff and I can usually see it coming and decide whether or not I want to keep playing. If I do, I steel myself and power through it.

Serenity springs it on you. You go from losing your virginity to your childhood friend to the next scene of being a piece of meat with no control over what is happening to you.

Both scenes made me cry. The first one because I wish that's how my first time was. And the second because that is how my first time was (poetic license, the specifics of what happened to me were very different). Those two scenes right next to each other, just wow. Sadist.

You can't base you're opinion by how the scene ends. The panic attack starts when the scene starts. You are filled with fear and you have no idea how the scene will play out. You freeze. "Should I stop now and have this moment of dread paused in my psyche OR should I keep playing and hope that I get saved? How bad will it be if I don't get saved?"

If it had a warning saying "by the way, you need to take a moment. Bask in the joy of the previous scene. Then go way for a while. Smack yourself in the face. Brace yourself for some less than consensual sexual interactions." It wouldn't have hit me so hard.

I hate spoilers as much as the next person. But for this kind of stuff it really helps to know what happens, before it happens. Especially penetration. Or any unwanted physical contact with the genitals. That's when I start freaking out.


Oh, I was just thinking. Maybe adding a "play though it" or "text wall" option would help for sensitive people. I really try to connect to the MC on an emotional level. And seeing everything POV makes me feel like I am in their shoes, experiencing what they are going through.

Having a disconnected third person account of what happens in a text wall would allow you to keep telling the story while sensitive players can pull back emotionally from the character. 

Hmm... actually that just makes it sound like I need therapy.


Maybe you need therapy, but first and foremost you need a good anonimous friend in internet, someone who you could trust and whith whom you could disscus this problem. Im not psyhologist and, definety, not an expert in such things, but I had some friends with same terrible expirience and I was the one anonymous guy from internet, who was always ready to listen anything and tryed to comfort them. I do not know how it actualy helped, but after some time they sayd that talking with me honestly and without a need to hide any of their emotions helped them to overcome this trauma (something like talking with someone who, they knew for sure, they will never meet irl). I think it is the key - to have someone to speak honestly with about anything. Maybe try to find someone like this and maybe it will help you somehow.

Ironically I downloaded Ch1 just a few days ago to replay it on my laptop and get myself ready for episode 2 (of ch2), remember a few key details, get the hype going, you know the deal. I don't even remember any "questionable" content in the game other than that handful of scenes with... Cassie? Whatever her name was. Y'know, the demon girl. Those could be considered "reverse rape" by more sensitive people, but to be honest I've seen so much questionable content being marked as "BDSM" and such that I just glance over this type of scene in games. I literally only started paying attention again when Katy showed up to kick some ass. 


it didn't bother me either, but i guess some people are really sensitive on that topic so maybe warning and option to skip it isn't bad idea


is it really that bad?? Personally that scene didnt bother me one bit.


Thank you gamerdad. I received much the same feedback from quite a few other people. The scene will stay in with an option to skip it.


Personally, the scene didn't bother me either. I dunno how differently the scene could go down considering what they are, their goals, what they think would happen.

I hate to call them out for it and be dismissive of what they felt they had to say, but after reading their comments (And even reading their comment on Oppai Odyssey) seem over the top. Not that their feedback(At least the parts that one can actually draw feedback/criticism) is invalid but really rather knee-jerky.

Agree. And as a dev, I kinda have to be aware of the message I'm sending. Although most people didn't have an issue with the scene, there are always those that will have an issue. And I'm not fighting that. That isn't what this is about anyway. My goal is to take you away from life for a little while, make you feel things if I can, make you laugh, etc... Ultimately, a simple one-line warning and choice to skip should suffice for now. When I do the rewrite, I may come up with a better way to portray that situation but we'll see. Thanks for your feedback.


Is it really that bad? Just adding a skip button seems good enough rather than a total rewrite. I think the fact she's a succubus kinda adds up with the "rapey" nature and with character development. 


I didn't think it was that bad, but I can't predict the mindset or experiences of everyone who plays so I'll play it safe and rewrite it later. Meanwhile, a simple option to skip it is a quick and reasonable option for now.

Not bothered by it though but whatever 🤣.

I can't imagine anything much bothers you Souch... lol


That's Day 4, because it's right after Kat's Ascendence...

Yeah, I think you're right. I'm not at home today so couldn't verify the day.