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So far i like this alot, always been a scifi nerd to seeing a game in a scifi fantasy setting is always nice, also i'm a sucker for romance and marriage systems since it gives a lot more meaning to the relationship for me honestly, played serenity but i gatta say this is my favorite so far. Probably play this game even if it was purely just romance and not nsfw. Also Mary is great, kinda odd that you can only have 6 "mates" especially since the mc has new crew members now kinda feel bad theyd be left out but maybe the 6"mates" rule will change or perhaps the perks of being king means the entire planet is basically your harem.


I only have 4questions does anyone know

1.) girls "who became pregnant and gives birth"

2.) so i was wondering will pregnancy be added within the next update?

3>)Can you add more girls yto this game ?

4>)What languages are currently available in the game?

1 - none at this time
2 - I haven't decided
3 - no
4 - I only can support English. There are others out there who have translated to other languages.

Hi N2theFire it titans66 how was U ooverhaulat Ur job going, I believe it been a month ago since we last spoke to each other and wanted to check up on U to see if you are alright cause some of us are worried for you incase you fall ill 🤒

Also is the next update available for us to use?

Kind regards 



The public (free) release for itch should be in about one week from now. It will be released to the $5 tier on my patreon tonight at 10pm US central time. Itch gets the public release one day ahead of everyone else. ;)

Okay thanks just wanted to know that all 🤠😜

When will the next update is available?

I'll answer both your questions here...
Last Human is the one I'm trying to finish now. It's a kinda large update so bear with me. I'm almost done.

Serenity C2 next update will begin development once I release the update mentioned above. I work on them back and forth in tandem.


Okay thanks 🙏 keep up the good work mate

Hi now I have a question that been nagging me so I ask will there be any pregnancy sences n birth of new members to the ship that could benefit for extra crew power

The nature of Last Human is about new life. So yes, there will be pregnancy at some point. But not purely to fill out the crew. The Aurora doesn't need a large crew. You'll start to understand that in later episodes when you see her in more action.

Okay thanks just that question was bugging me for weeks

Hi I've just play both serenity Chapters 1 and 2 and last human every good games just got 3 Questions

1. In some point in the games do they cross over where the MC which i named myself 😃 do they meet at anytime through out the games.

2. Is rin the only one that can go between both games or are their others.

3. And in last human will we see demon and fairy's and shades in up coming Episode's.

1. I have no plans to have the Serenity MC and Last Human MC meet. There will be other minor 'crossover' situations though.

2. For now, only Rin comes to visit Pantheria. I have ideas for 1 or 2 others to MAYBE visit at some point. But that isn't definite.

3. Not necessarily, no. Those are more like 'fantasy' characters to me, and Last Human is 'science fiction'. Besides, the Captain will have his hands full with quite a lot of other distractions.


Thanks for the info

Hi can anyone tell me when the next update is available

the release is still a few weeks away

Alright just the wait is almost killing me from the inside that excited to play with


I really love the story, even though it's a bit sad for Mike to lose it is still a good situation because he can discover something new outside the Earth (new planets and adventure) and the Neko's are really cute and beautiful. Especially Nat because she is really smart and humble. Looking forward to the next update ;) one of my favorite games and including serenity.


I loved serenity and this beginning is awesome!!! Your stories are really my favorites, thanks for your hard work!

I have just one minor problem
Besides the signification of the "Pet" in Pantheria, I find illogical that MC doesnt have any problem to be call that all the time, even a little bit
By my point of view, from the human meaning of "pet" has to be troublesome for him, especially as the captain of the crew


In the next update (the one I am working on now), you will be given the option to change that word to something of your choosing. You'll have to start over, but you can basically skip through the first episode once you change that, and get to episode 2 which is of course, also part of this next update. ;)


I love the Game! i´ll be around for the ending


the game was 3 hours in loading before downloading. it finally downloaded and now ill play it hope its good haha

Deleted post

Hey, I played Serenity before this one and found it randomly (didn't see the author :p). It's funny :D
I don't know why but my game finished and I didn't encounter some of the screenshots here. You know why ?
I stoped just next the fight in the arena. (Probably at the end of ep 1 ?).

Good luck for the next, i'm attentive of any update anyway :D


Some of those images on the main page are not screenshots from the game, just images I made to help promote it before I had any nice renders to share from the game. They'll be replaced with actual screenshots from the game very soon.

The arena fight is very close to the end of episode 1. I'm just starting work on episode 2 now and that should be out in about 2 months.


Fucking amazing, now ill proceed to try serenity.

when will the next public update be its been a bit since we've seen an update.


Mia, I have 2 games and I work on them in tandem. I just released the latest update to my other game: Serenity C2 Episode 2 is now available! - Serenity Chapter 2 by N2TheFire (

That update took much longer than I anticipated (4 months). I usually try to have updates completed within a 2-month period, meaning each game gets updated every 4 months. I am taking a break now to relax and enjoy the holidays with family. I'll be back to work on Last Human on January 3rd. If you follow me here, keep an eye out for my devlogs - I'll be writing one at the beginning of the New Year for Last Human to let everyone know the plan.

By the way, if you haven't played Serenity Chapter 1:

Serenity by N2TheFire (


Thank you for the insight. and i do follow you on here.

Very promising start and I loved the crossover with Serenity <3

Liked the start but seems like I missed something?  A lot of the screenshots up above didn't show up in the game and there didn't seem to be any lewd scenes.


Some of those images are not in the game because they are 'concept art'. I added them to give more previews of characters since this is only the first release and there aren't as many images yet to preview.
As for lewd scenes, there were several. The bath scene for one. If you mean there wasn't any fucking, well yeah. It's the first episode and this is a story that isn't focused on sex alone. There will be full sex scenes, but they'll happen naturally over time. Did you skip through my comments at the beginning? Hang in there and enjoy the story. It will have some rewarding sex scenes, just be patient.

Admittedly, I didn't read the disclaimer but upon finishing the chapter or episode I wondered if there was something I had missed from the screenshots.

Even without those scenes, I still enjoyed the game as it was.  Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


love this chapter 1 cant wait for chapter 2 

if i had the money for it i would donate quite a bit to you 

Your comment is payment in itself. Glad you enjoyed it... thank you :) 


is there an ETA for when there will be a chapter 2?

if not when can we expect to see some news about the next chapter?


I think you mean "episode" 2. Currently, I am working on the next update to my other game: Serenity Chapter 2 (Episode 2).
That should release before the end of this month - then I will begin work on Last Human: Episode 2.

Yes thank you for the correction and looking forward to the next episode I'll also have to check out serenity then👍

your welcome


I just finished Serenity Ch1. You have a new fan. I didn't even hesitate to donate for this one too.

Thank you! I'm running a bit behind working on the next episode of Serenity Chapter 2, but its coming.

When is the next update ? I'm loving the story so far 👍😁


The Story to this game is outstanding


I love how this game is intertwined with serenity it feels good just seeing rin pop out of nowhere and fight the MC.

This is a excellent start of the game! I love the atmosphere and the plot so far. Well written and animated. 


its games like this that make me wish i had a time machine to go forward in time. or cryosleep facilities so i wake up as soon as the final update drops. Serenity was a great game and this one shows even more potential. i legit cannot wait to see what happens next


Great start,  I stumbled across it just browsing and it got me to dl your other title. Cute nekos and and a completely op Mc, it's a decent relax read


One critique I have is that 97 minutes isn't a very long time. If it were 97 hours, that would be more believable in my opinion. I think ~4 days of space travel sounds more realistic than ~1.5 hours.
Other than that, I really liked what's there so far. Looking forward to more of the story.


This is something I already have in my notes to look into for the next edit/update. :) 


realistically the fastest speed possible is the speed of light and at that speed it would take almost 2 years just to leave our own solar system let alone get to another one of the 3K+ solar systems in our galaxy and if pantheria is in a different galaxy it would take 100K years just to reach the edge of our own galaxy.... lets keep things unrealistic for now

early in the game, very nice so far!

but I think you missed a chance to make it ethically more ambiguous; if the Acladeans were cute alien girls the decision to side with the Nekos would have more weight.


All I can say is... keep following the story ;) 

certainly look forward to it, I want to see the plot unfold


Quite well written. Looking forward to the story continuing. Loved the cameo with Rin. =)


Hello it's me (again), and I..... I really don't know what to say or feel right now, I feel relieved and disappointed at the same time .

I feel relieved because, The game was turned more than I expected it to be even if it is in its early phase ( I Really REALLY enjoyed reading) also Seeing Familiar faces is pretty much a bonus for me.

I feel disappointed not on the game or you on that matter but, I Feel disappointed at myself because I jumped the Gun too fast, I didn't hold myself to read this because I knew that this game would be 🔥 from the beginning and due to lack of content I left myself hanging on cloud nine without a way to go down.

Anyways, and As always beautiful and very worth it Novel to read visuals are very vibrant and pleasing to the eye. 


🔥Souchouin out.


Hi there N2TheFire, i hope the damage done by the tree is minimal and that you and your family are all ok.

I can't seem to download but otherwise I am excited to see how this new game goes.


There is nothing to download over here yet. It is still in beta. You can subscribe on Patreon (using the link in my recent post) if you want to play the beta before it goes public.
It will go public on Tuesday, August 30th here and everywhere else.

My bad I am indeed stupid.

Nah, all good ;) 

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Game is looking awesome so far, i cant wait to start reading. Only thing is judging from the picture at the top of this page, MC has a well built body but some enormous cheekbones doesn't he. Still, it will not detract from the story itself. I'm a huge fan of N2TheFire's work and I'm not afraid to admit it.

It's the lighting in that image making it stick out like a sore thumb. He doesn't look like that in most of the renders I've done in the game. But I think I'm going to remove him from that image and just have the girls in it.

Will you be taking ideas from your Serenity renders to come up with a new image. Maybe like having the MC with his back to the camera and all the girls surrounding him.

Is this game out yet? Been seeing a lot of updates but no dl section yet

It is still in beta. You can subscribe on Patreon (using the link in my recent post) if you want to play the beta before it goes public.
It will go public on Tuesday, August 30th here and everywhere else.

(1 edit) (+1)

im so excited serenity was one of my all time favs so i can't wait to see what you come up with in this story


Hey Fire, I've kept up with Serenity and if Last Human is anything like it then its definitely going to be INCREDIBLE. I cant wait. Love your work.




like the concept, sounds like its gonna be a fun game.


Sounds like this will be an amazing game.

It's looking good.

Nice nice nice!!!

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