Last Human Character Preview: Queen Tessa

Queen Tessa: Pantherian Queen. Tessa became Queen when the previous Queen (her mother) became fatally ill. She was, of course, raised 'high class' and likes to stick to protocols in her court. Extremely intelligent, Tessa is a fair and just ruler, but very strict about Pantherian law. Her world is quite technologically advanced, but they still live in castles.

Although she adheres to hierarchy and royal protocols, Tessa has a naughty side. She longs to cut loose from her throne, relax, and have fun like her subjects get to do. Perhaps the Last Human can help her in some way. Her own laws forbid the queen from indulging in the mating ritual or claiming any male as 'pet'. If he can just talk her into updating a few laws.

Although Queen Tessa is a 'side love interest', she will have a full story arc, and be a regular character in LH.

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In Serenity, Trixy said she was banished because she fell and pulled the Pantherian queen's clothing off until she was standing naked, but which Queen was it, Tessa or her mother. Because both novels must be linked in some way?

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just look at my profile picture and you'll know my reactions hehe

thanks for the update.


She's hot and all but... the whole "pet" thing there, is it just something cultural of her people? Just asking because, to be honest, I'm not into sub/dom stuff and all of that so if she's planned as a side love interest, I might end up avoiding her unless she has a standard love route. 

Also, panther girls now? Getting rather complex but cultured here, Mr. N2. I like the variety. 

There won't be any "sub/dom" content.

Ok, cool. I saw the "pet" thing and considered the possibility. Good to know, at least for me.