LH Character Preview: Alexis

Alexis: Queen's Blade

As the chief of Security, or "Queen's Blade", Alexis is highly trained in swordsmanship, weapons, and battlefield tactics. She has an extremely keen sense of hearing and sight.  In hand-to-hand combat, she has an unrivaled foresight into her opponent's next move, often making herself ready with every new attack. She is very fast and agile, often using those traits to 'toy' with her rivals.

Alexis has no love for humans due to their lack of respect for life and each other. She is sarcastic, quick witted, and temperamental to the point of sometimes becoming unstable. 

But Alexis also has a weakness for strong minded people. Those who show respect for life and others around them... or who give of themselves to help others. All of these things will bring out her gentle side.

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She'll probably end up as a major fan favorite, unless we get a despicable MC in LH. I doubt it but who knows...

I don't write despicable MC's :)