LH Character Preview: Alaina (Now Public)

Alaina: Doctor/Surgeon

Alaina (nickname: Laina or Lainee) is an intelligent and gifted surgeon. Mastering all the latest tech in medical tools and equipment, she always has a trick up her sleeve in resolving someone's illness. She has a natural ability to look at someone and 'see' potential medical problems. Although there are many doctors in Pantheria, none possess her skill and speed in triage and surgery. This garnered her a position as the royal doctor, serving the queen.

Alaina's personality seems quite contrary to her high position and skill as a doctor. Labelled a nympho, she has an extreme love of sex. And since there are no men in Pantheria due to a massive outbreak that only affected males, guess who she will target? But there's more... Alaina is a bit of a masochist. Mostly by words and how she is treated. If you ignore her or look down on her, this turns her on. These personality traits will make for some interesting situations. She will serve as the ship's physician, and she intends to give every member of the crew a full physical, especially its Captain. "Pants down, sir... I must be thorough and check everything."

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So she's basically nuts and a masochist to boot. An odd combo. 

Btw, is it just me or MC looks like Connor from Detroit Become Human? 

well hope to get lots of care from her (medical care of course)