Last Human 0.3 Public Release

Yes, I know it was supposed to drop tomorrow... Did you guys forget who you're dealing with? LOL

Seriously though, my regular job is going to have me tied up tomorrow and I wanted to go ahead and get this done. So, without any more fanfare or ridiculous long posts... Here you go.

Files 415 MB
Aug 30, 2022 398 MB
Aug 30, 2022
LastHuman-0.3-android.apk 419 MB
Aug 30, 2022

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Can't save! Every time i hit the menu  jump error.

I am aware of the menu issue for android and will address as soon as I have time free from my full time job.

Fantastic start.  Great premise for the story and so far very varied and engaging characters.

I have unfortunately encountered an issue on the android version though, preventing access to any menus.  I have screened the arrow for you.

Yes I am aware (its been reported to me many times already lol). I'll fix it by this weekend

lez freKING go!

Великолепное творение, спасибо!) Музыка, как всегда, супер! Сюжет выше всяких похвал, эмоциональное волшебство между персонажами неизменно присутствует) И очень порадовало, что эта вселенная связана со вселенной Безмятежности) С нетерпением буду ждать продолжения

My man!

Judging by the quality of ALL the previous renders I highly doubt my laptop will be able to run this beauty, meaning that I will need  to go through some witchcraft of my own to make it work (barely), so here we fuckin` go