Serenity (C2-E2) Devlog 7 (Public)

Happy Friday all!

(Please note this post contains minor spoilers)

Where to begin? So, last weekend, I was travelling and visiting family - dealing with family matters, etc. Sorry you didn't get a weekly devlog last week but hopefully this one will make up for that with some nice previews.

Currently, I am about 23% into rendering graphics for episode 2. And this process as you know takes me a bit longer than it used to because I spend more time trying my best to make each render look beautiful. Also, I am aiming for more major and minor animations scattered around because for me, it adds some life to the story. These animations might be complicated ones, or short, simple ones. Anyway, after adding a few already and playing through completed scenes, I am very happy with how it flows.

(SPOILER-slight) This weeks' preview images: First image is Rin sitting in the rain with Camilla. This comes from the opening scene for episode 2. I spent a long time working on that sequence. It's hard to make rain look realistic in HS2 with a still image. But I think I pulled it off. There is a nice animation at the beginning. The next two images are from the arena fight that most should already know was coming (not too spoilery). But that last image of Rin might be the biggest spoiler here, though hopefully not too surprising. Has she found yet another level of wrath in her fury form? I'm loving how this particular scene has come together and I'm hoping you will too. I spent quite a while (way too long) experimenting with her model to get a particular look. I'm digging it.

The next scene I'll be working on involves some 'crossover' with Last Human. Hey, all of you should have expected a crossover between 2 of my own projects, right? Hehe! Anyway, beyond that, we have a lot of things happening in episode 2. Some new story arcs starting, and of course delving further into the main story with MC's growth as well as Serenity's. We'll be getting into some fun fade and shade history and learning some interesting new things about the MC family.

Well, that's all I have for this week. If I'm not as active lately in Discord, I apologize. I've been busy between work and this project (and family stuff). So I've lost some valuable time and that pushes the release back. It is what it is. I've learned not to stress myself out over the development time. You just can't rush these things the way I did when I started (exactly the reason I'll be going back and redoing Serenity Chapter 1 later). Anyway, thank you all for your continued support. Send messages, I love hearing from you!


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Hey N2TheFire, Just a quick question but are you going to be doing anything more toward Celeste storyline?

Not a lot honestly. Celeste, Melody, and Cinn are really meant to be 'guests' that were really just added for fun. But there will eventually be sex scenes with both if that is what you're asking. Not a lot of 'story arc' stuff. 

Cool, Thanks for putting this query of mine to bed. In my opinion, your work is still the best, I'm with you all the way, Keep up the good work.


The cross over with Last Human was pretty neat. Thanks for all your hard work.

The new artstyle is already confusing me... trying real hard to understand if thats Morgan or the undead/android/dragon-scripted girl in the second render

Also, when I thought Rin`s Fury Form could not get any sexier... she`s working hard for the award of best dragon girl.

Second image is Marissa. She looks quite different from Morgan, not to mention... Marissa is the only other character in Serenity with heterochromia. And glad you like Rin's appearance here... I spent too much time on her trying to get her form to look how I wanted her to look.

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Hold on, that's actually the android girl? I thought "Well, Fire probably gonna say that's just Morgan and she's fighting Rin and yadayada" 'cause I thought she was doing some spell that caused her eye to go white, and I do remember Marissa having an eyepatch. Didn't expect her to come back tho, with all of that "let's put her soul to rest in peace" speech someone gave after Rin drained the Dragon Script out of her. 

And Rin looks really good, yeah. She already impressed me all the way back in her ascension, her and Kat's forms are my favorites (I don't necessarily dislike any of them, don't get me wrong), and since then she only gets better. So you get bragging rights for that, Fire. 

Hell, she even made me debate who is the best dragon girl, 'cause before Rin, Zara from Oppai Odyssey was hands down the best. But now she has strong competition XD

Btw, the arena is looking pretty good too. From what few bits and pieces I can see, it looks a lot better than I imagined. 

You didn't expect her to come back? I'm sorry... did you not play through episode 1 of Chapter 2 yet where MC slips off to a secret place and reveals that he has brought Marissa back? He reprogrammed her, and was preparing her for the arena. Anyway... its just before Lena makes everyone at the beach party orgasm. ;) 

OH RIGHT... man, how long has it been since I played CH2EP1 again...? I can't even remember if I made a review on it... I either forgot to review IT or Last Human, probably both given my extensive knowledge on my own level of stupidity. 

Yeah, I do remember that short dialogue now, he was talking to... Kat? Jas? Morgan? Anyway, I'm currently replaying through CH1 for the third time (because... reasons) then I'm gonna play CH2EP1 again and definitely remember everything that I need to remember about, including Marissa being alive and the other girls staying in the island.